Apple Music coming to FaceBook Messenger

“Apple will be introducing an Apple Music chat extension to Facebook Messenger, making it possible for people to bring the music streaming app into conversations with friends and family members and share music,” Jordan Novet reports for VentureBeat. Spotify,” Novet reports, “is also introducing a chat extension.” “Apple Music is available on Android and iOS. Now it’s being packaged up in one of the most popular mobile apps that’s not controlled by Apple itself,” Novet reports. “The company has shown a willingness to make Apple Music widely available. Apple Music in Messenger does make sense in that context.” Read more Click Here to Read more

Apple Music adds 24/7 CBS Sports Radio for Members

In its ever growing list of offerings, Apple Music has added CBS Sports Radio for its paying members.  CBS Sports Radio offers sports-related news, specials, and more. “The appetite for compelling and hard-to-ignore sports analysis, commentary and fan debate continues to grow across all audio platforms,” said Chris Oliviero, Executive Vice President, Programming, CBS RADIO. “CBS Sports Radio delivers this to fans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so it’s an ideal next step to launch a channel on Apple Music, one of the most popular streaming services today, as yet another way we continue to meet the evolving Click Here to Read more

Why is Apple Music gaining in Subscribers so quickly?

“Apple’s Services revenue rose 24% YoY (year-over-year) in fiscal 4Q16 to $6.3 billion,” Adam Rogers writes for Market Realist. “App Store revenue was driven by Apple Music, which grew 22% YoY.” “Recently, a J.D. Power Streaming Music Satisfaction Study named Apple Music as the top-rated music streaming service,” Rogers writes. “According to the study, 35% of respondents were “strongly committed” to Apple Music. In comparison, 30% of respondents were strongly committed to Spotify and Google Music.” “Apple Music now has over 17 million subscribers, up from 15 million in August 2016 and 11 million in March 2016,” Rogers writes. “Spotify Click Here to Read more

JD Power votes Apple Music as tops in customer satisfaction

Early Wednesday, J.D. Power and Associates published a report that claims Apple Music is the top-rated music service as compared to others such as Spotify and Google Play Music. For Apple Music customers that were polled, 35% of the customers were “strongly committed” to the service.  The other two music services (Spotify and Google Play Music) were tied at 30% each. 62% of Apple’s listership cited compatibility with their devices as a reason for signing up. Apple Music is baked into iOS and macOS, and while it can also be used on Android and Windows, some features — like Siri voice commands Click Here to Read more