How to watch Live TV on an Apple TV device

“Being a cord cutter (actually, I’ve never had cable, so I haven’t technically cut any cords), I’m always on the hunt for new ways to keep myself entertained,” Lory Gil writes for iMore. “On Apple TV, I use a handful of apps that, either I subscribe to a streaming service for (like Hulu and Netflix), or offer a free streaming TV feature that doesn’t require a cable subscription (like PBS and The CW).” “For those looking for “cable lite” in the form of small packaged cable subscriptions from services like Sling TV and DirectTV Now, we’ve got a list of Click Here to Read more

Exclusive Set Up & Review: Apple TV 4K

Recently, we got a new 4K Television.  So it was only logical that I would get a new Apple TV 4K. After ordering it around Thanksgiving, the expected ship date wouldn’t be until December 28th.  Thankfully, it came last Tuesday, so I set it up as soon as I could. SETUP: The initial setup is straightforward.  If you had an Apple TV in the past, then the setup should be familiar.  For those who are new, here’s the setup step by step: Shut off and unplug your TV from the wall. Unpack the Apple TV 4K from the box (the plug Click Here to Read more

Apple TV 4K back on sale at (although who knows for how long?)

Earlier this year, the Apple TV 4K had made a brief appearance on before going offline minutes later. Now it seems that the company has allowed the device back on its web site (for god knows how long?). Amazon is selling both versions, and will be delivered when the device is back in stock. For more information, click here.

YouTube delays YouTube TV app for Apple TV until 2018

People wanting to use a native Apple TV app to watch Google’s YouTube TV will have to wait until the first quarter of next year, as the company says it will miss an original 2017 target. Also postponed until next year is a native Roku client, according to CNET. An early version of that app has appeared on Roku devices in the past, but it can’t yet be downloaded to the Roku OS homescreen. Next quarter will additionally see support for 2014 and 2015 Samsung TVs, and Sony TVs running an older Linux-based OS instead of Android TV. YouTube TV Click Here to Read more