What to do of your Cable System doesn’t support single sign-in for Apple TV

Single sign in is a feature for Apple TV that lets the end user sign-in to their TV cable system using a single sign-in page. Then if they download an app for a cable channel (such as Discovery) and go into the LIVE page, the channel would already be available without that user having to sign-in to that cable channel’s web site and sign in there. But what if your cable service is not on the list of single sign-in providers?  In that case, you’ll have to: Go to the LIVE page of that Apple TV app. Select “other cable system” or something Click Here to Read more

OPINION: Why cable cutting is NOT a good idea – just not yet

If you read 98% of the articles abut getting rid of cable and going all streaming to save money, they make it seem that it is the thing to do, and that cable systems should be worried about their business, or are even predicting their demise in a few years. Well, I don’t mean to be the caller of bad news, but don’t call your cable company just yet.  Here’s why: While it is true that cable companies are hiking their prices and are giving you less offerings, you’re still getting a deal with the number of channels and offerings Click Here to Read more

Apple declares 2nd Generation Apple TV ‘Obsolete’, is stopping most hardware support

Early Thursday, Apple has sent a notice to its retailers and other outlets stating that the 2nd Generation Apple TV has been declared an obsolete piece of hardware and is stopping most – if not all – hardware support for the item. Customers may still be able to obtain parts in Turkey and California if they wish to pay ‘obsolete’ prices and shipping.

CNBC: Apple TV is ‘worse than cable, needs a purpose’

(CNBC): One Apple shareholder is not impressed with the company’s original content ambitions. “Apple TV is like off the radar now,” said Ross Gerber, president and CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management. “Using an Apple TV is actually worse than using cable used to be, and I thought the whole goal was to make it better. Really it’s become just a Netflix portal. Apple absolutely needs to find direction with Apple TV and some sort of purpose.” Though Apple hasn’t put a formal stake in the ground on as far as making more original programming, revolutionizing TV is an Apple ambition Click Here to Read more

Apple hires former head of Amazon Fire TV to help with sagging Apple TV interest

Bloomberg is citing sources that they are saying that Apple is not only shaking up its Apple TV division, but is also hiring former head of operations of Amazon’s Fire TV division, Timothy D. Twerdahl.  His primary job (according to sources) will be to head the company’s Apple TV product marketing, and will report to Greg Joswiak, who is the worldwide iOS marketing chief. Twerdahl served as Amazon’s general manager and director of Fire TV operations from 2013 to December of 2016, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Netflix (kind of) joins Apple “TV” app

“Back in October during Apple’s MacBook Pro unveiling, the company took some time away from its Mac lineup to unveil a new app called ‘TV,’” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “Netflix had no interest in being involved with Apple’s new TV app at launch, and at the time it seemed unlikely that the company would ever be onboard with the TV app.” “The good news for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users is that Netflix has had a change of heart and has made its content accessible in the TV app,” Epstein reports. “The bad news is that the company Click Here to Read more

ESPN, WatchESPN, iOS apps updated for single sign-in on Apple TV 4

Sports TV network ESPN has made it easier for end users to sign-in with their apps by adding the ability for single sign-in, as well as added compatibility for Google ChromeCast and other services. Single-sign on streamlines the authentication process for U.S. cable TV subscribers, allowing them to use a single set of credentials to access content across multiple pay TV video streaming apps. The changes to the ESPN and apps means users already verified with their TV provider and subscribed to a relevant package can easily log into the app and access paid video content. The Disney-owned ESPN adds Click Here to Read more