It’s official: Verizon owns Yahoo! Marissa Mayer resigns

Verizon Communications Inc. today completed its acquisition of the operating business of Yahoo! Inc. Verizon has combined these assets with its existing AOL business to create a new subsidiary, Oath, a diverse house of more than 50 media and technology brands that engages more than a billion people around the world. The Oath portfolio includes HuffPost, Yahoo Sports,, MAKERS, Tumblr, BUILD Studios, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Mail and more, with a mission to build brands people love. Marni Walden, Verizon president of Media and Telematics, said in a statement, “The close of this transaction represents a critical step in growing Click Here to Read more

Verizon is kicking the Yahoo! and AOL names to the curb

Well, it seems that Verizon is sick of both AOL and Yahoo! as it finalizes the purchase of Yahoo! Thanks to security breachs of gargantuan proportions, Yahoo has lost a ton of value — and the company was struggling even when Verizon announced its intentions to buy the former internet juggernaut. Part of the value lost is in the Yahoo brand, which Verizon apparently considers toxic at this point. To that end, Verizon is changing the name of the combined Yahoo and AOL company. Business Insider first reoprted that”Oath” will be the new name of the company. Minutes after we Click Here to Read more

Verizon to Purchase Yahoo’s Core Business for $4.48 Billion

“Verizon said on Tuesday it would buy Yahoo’s core business for $4.48 billion, lowering its original offer by $350 million in the wake of two massive cyber attacks at the internet company,” Reuters reports. “The closing of the deal, which was first announced in July, had been delayed as the companies assessed the fallout from two data breaches that Yahoo disclosed last year,” Reuters reports. “The deal brings to Verizon Yahoo’s more than 1 billion users and a wealth of data it can use to offer more targeted advertising. Verizon will combine Yahoo’s advertising technology tools as well as its Click Here to Read more

Verizon announces “Verizon Unlimited” plan with 4G, talk, text, for $80.00 per month

On Sunday, Verizon announced that it has listened to customers and is announcing “Verizon Unlimited”. The announced plan includes unlimited Internet, 4G, talk and text for $80.00 per month.  Any additional lines will run someone $45.00 per month. The plan includes a “Mobile Hotspot” feature with 10GB of 4G LTE data. After the 10GB is consumed, speeds drop to 3G equivalent rates. Calling and texting to Mexico and Canada are included in the plan, as is up to 500MB per day of 4G LTE roaming in either country as well. Additionally, video streams are transcoded to 720p resolution. Audio streams Click Here to Read more

Verizon plans to purge 200GB+ bandwidth hogging data users

( Verizon Wireless will force unlimited data subscribers who use over 200 gigabytes of bandwidth per month to change their plan to one with a data cap, or face having their wireless service disconnected. Employees were recently advised of the policy change, which targets customers managing to average more than 200 gigabytes of usage on a single line “over several months.” Affected customers are being sent notices of their excessive usage, with a deadline of Feb. 16 to change their plan. If a line is disconnected under the new policy, customers will have a 50-day window to resubscribe, though only to Click Here to Read more

After Yahoo’s Mega Hack, why haven’t we heard from Marissa Mayer?

( This would be a busy week for any tech CEO: One billion user accounts hacked, and a $4.83 billion deal on the line. Yet we haven’t heard a peep from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Yahoo has been the internet’s troubled child for the past few years — but things seemed to be looking up after Verizon agreed in July to acquire the company. And then came a double whammy of data breaches. Marissa Mayer, who has been at the helm as CEO of Yahoo for the past four years, has largely kept a low profile since the company announced the buyout. Fast Click Here to Read more

Verizon Customers: Do you have an iPhone 7? You maybe being “Throttled”

“It turns out not all iPhone 7 [units] are created equal,” Ian King and Scott Moritz report for Bloomberg. “The latest Apple Inc. smartphones that run on Verizon Communications Inc.’s network are technically capable of downloading data faster than those from AT&T Inc. Yet in testing, the two phones perform about the same, according to researchers at Twin Prime Inc. and Cellular Insights.” “Neither firm is clear on the reason, but Twin Prime says it may be because Apple isn’t using all the potential of a crucial component in the Verizon version,” King and Moritz report. “‘The data indicates that Click Here to Read more

Verizon warns Yahoo! it may back out of the $4.8 Billion Deal

(CNN/Money): Yahoo (YHOO) said there’s “no assurance” that Verizon will actually go through with the deal, according to its latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The filing also revealed that it’s “facing investigations by a number of federal, state, and foreign governmental officials and agencies” over the hack — and these could result in “potential fines.” Verizon defended the deal in late October at a Wall Street Journal Digital Conference, arguing that it “absolutely” still makes sense. Verizon offered to buy Yahoo’s core internet assets in July. But two months later, Yahoo shocked its potential buyer with news that “at least 500 million” Yahoo user accounts had Click Here to Read more

Verizon adds new 5GB and 10GB Prepaid Data Plans

Early Tuesday, Verizon (VZ) introduced two new data plans to its offerings. The new 5-gigabyte plan costs $50 per month, while 10 gigabytes is $70. The older options include 3 gigabytes for $45, 6 gigabytes for $60, or a Wi-Fi-only connection for $30. Both of the new tiers offer unlimited talking and texting in the U.S., plus perks like LTE tethering, Carryover Data, and Always-On Data. Carryover means that unused data will roll over for one month, while Always-On just means that Verizon will throttle speeds to 128 kilobits if a person hits their data cap, instead of charging extra. The 10 Click Here to Read more

Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” Guy joins Sprint

Those famous “Can you hear me now?” commercials are back. But this time, they’re pitches for Sprint, not Verizon. Paul Marcarelli, the character known as “Test Man” in the Verizon commercials that ran between 2002 and 2011, has defected. In a new ad campaign beginning during Sunday night’s NBA Finals game, Marcarelli will explain why he switched to Sprint.  “I used to ask if you ‘can hear me now’ with Verizon. Not anymore,” Marcarelli says in his first Sprint commercial. “I’m with Sprint now, because guess what? It’s 2016 and every network is great. In fact Sprint’s reliability is now Click Here to Read more