GoPro issues recall of Karma Drone because of sudden in-flight power loss

GoPro (GoPro) has issued a recall on its new Karma Drones due to reports that the device loses power while in the air, leading to crashes and possible injury. GoPro says that it has sold 2,500 units of the drone, and customers possessing one can return it to GoPro or the original place of purchase for a full refund. Replacement units are not being offered at this time. The company is not issuing replacement drones at this time. For more information, go to

Samsung’s Recalling 2.8 Million Washing Machines over Fire and Explosion Hazard

2016 has not been a good year for Samsung.  First it had to recall its Galaxy Note device, now it has to recall its washing machines over explosion and/or fire hazards. The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued the recall early Friday morning.  The CPSC said in a statement: “The washing machine top can unexpectedly detach from the washing machine chassis during use, posing a risk of injury from impact.” In the meantime, CNBC reported: “733 reports washing machines experiencing excessive vibration or the top detaching from the washing machine chassis.” Their have also been 9 reported injuries so far, including an injured Click Here to Read more

Samsung Note 7 users in South Korea file Class-Action Lawsuits

Bloomberg is reporting that the number of users who had a Galaxy Note 7 and are filing class-action lawsuits are starting to rise – especially in South Korea. So far, 527 users are demanding Samsung Electronics pay each of the plaintiffs about 500,000 (about $440.00) for there time and effort that were lost when the phones was first recalled and then taken off the market over reports of them catching fire. Ko Young-yeel, an attorney for Seoul-based Harvest Law said, “We’re now planning to file a lawsuit every month.”  Ko Young-yeel filed the class-action lawsuit with the Seoul Central District Court Monday. Click Here to Read more

Samsung starts sending postage paid fire proof boxes to Galaxy Note 7 customers

It seems that Samsung is taking things to a whole new level to make sure they get all of the Galaxy Note 7s back from customers in the safest way possible for all parties involved. The company is sending fire-proof boxes which includes a static shielding bag for the phone, safety gloves, and detailed safety packaging instructions.  The actual box is lined with a thermally-insulated lining to make the box legal for sending lithium ion batteries via U.S. Mail or other package carriers. In a statement that’s included with the box, the company said: A device containing lithium ion battery Click Here to Read more

Samsung: “40% of dangerous exploding phones are still out there in the U.S. and South Korea”

Early Tuesday, Samsung issued a statement claiming that 40% of dangerous Samsung Galaxy Note 7s are still in the United States and South Korea which can pose a danger to users and others. In the statement, Samsung said: We’re focused on replacing all affected devices as quickly and efficiently as possible and reiterated its request that customers affected by the current recall should power off their device and turn them in. For more information about the recall (in the U.S.) click here.  

Samsung delays relaunch of Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea

Due to the ongoing problems with its Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has announced that it is delaying the device’s relaunch in South Korea.  The company has pushed the relaunch to this Saturday, which was originally scheduled for Wednesday. For those who need a replacement device, you better hurry.  This announcement will see replacement devices drop from 20,000 to 160 when the new device does become available – which will make it harder for persons to complete the current exchange program. Included with the above statement, the company also said: Samsung Electronics will do our utmost to promptly conclude the recall Click Here to Read more

Bloomberg: Galaxy Note 7 Problems Stem from Trying to Beat Apple is reporting that it has found that all of the problems with the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire stem from the company [Samsung] trying to get the phone out before Apple introduced its new iPhone 7. According to Bloomberg: The top brass at Samsung Electronics, including phone chief D.J. Koh, decided to accelerate the launch of a new phone they were confident would dazzle consumers and capitalize on the opportunity, according to people familiar with the matter. They pushed suppliers to meet tighter deadlines, despite loads of new features, another person with direct knowledge said. The Note 7 would have a high-resolution Click Here to Read more

The U.S. CPSC formally recalls the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Late Thursday, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission formally issued a statement recalling Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, asking customers to “immediately stop using, and power down the device.” The company [Samsung] has also updated its web site with more information about the problem and how to get it fixed.  You can view the updates by going here.

Galaxy Note 7 Blamed for Burning Down Man’s House

Wesley Harzog of Horry County, South Carolina went out to pick up his daughters leaving his Galaxy Note 7 plugged in his garage at home.  When they returned, they found the home to be in flames with firefighters already on the scene. Everybody was here, and they were actually at the front door about ready to go inside and make the initial fire attack. Somebody told me that there was a fire in the garage. You know, you just don’t really ever think it will happen to you.  – Wesley Harzog. Hartzog told WMBF News, “They asked me if I had anything Click Here to Read more

Samsung issues global recall of the Galaxy Note 7

On Thursday, we reported that Samsung was getting reports from customers about their Galaxy Note 7 phones burning up. “We have received several reports of battery explosion on the Note 7 that was officially launched on August 19.  It has been confirmed that it was a battery cell problem.” – Samsung’s President of Mobile Business Koh Dong-jin. All customers who have purchased a Galaxy Note 7 will be able to swap the device for a new one “over the coming weeks” according to Samsung. How this will be accomplished for the hundreds of thousands of owners in the 20 countries the device is available Click Here to Read more