Q: Why aren’t we covering iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra? A: Read on….

We have had a few questions as to why we are not covering what’s new and upcoming with the recently announced iOS 11 and High Sierra. The short answer is -> WE CAN’T. Unlike other media outlets, the company that owns this web site is an official beta test site for Apple and other companies. For us to cover such information would violate any NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with those companies. We also feel that since the software in question is still in beta, that we would be misleading our readers by reporting on features that may not be there in the Click Here to Read more

New Category: Health

Here at CompuScoop, we’re always expanding into new areas of news to give our readers more of a variety of information. Previously hidden within the Consumer menu option, we have now made the Health category its own menu option.  Putting your mouse over that will open up new subcategories.  Clicking on one of these subcategories will take you to articles based on that subcategory. Please keep watching this area for new topics for your health, fitness, and more.

CompuScoop’s RSS Feed

For those of you who use our RSS feed for a reader or to get us on Amazon Alexa, we just found out that their has been problems with it for quite sometime. We’re now aware for it and are working to restore this feature as soon as we can. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Sesame Street adds Muppet that has Autism

While this may not have anything to do with tech, this does come close to our hearts. The long running kids show, Sesame Street, has added a new muppet to its character list. The newest muppet, named Julia, has Autism and will be teaching kids about the disability. So, start looking for this new addition starting April 10th on HBO or your local PBS station.  

CompuScoop’s in the “Eye of the Storm”

Because CompuScoop is on the upper-East coast of the United States, we are bracing for a major winter snow storm, with reports of 1-2 feet in some areas as well as high winds and blowing snow. Because of this, we maybe involved in power or internet outages. If that’s the case, it means we wouldn’t be able to update this web site until those problems are resolved. Please stay with us for future updates. Photo: WFMZ TV Channel 69