Possible interruption in service due to Hurricane Nate

As most people in the South of the U.S. know, they have been dealing with a topical storm named Nate.  While not a major Hurricane, it is still causing havoc where ever it goes. The latest track takes the tropical depression takes Nate right over our main operation. Because of this, their maybe times when we may loose our Internet connection to this site. We will resume normal operations as soon as the storm passes. Thanks for your understanding during this time.

Our sincere apologies to our readers

Over the past few months, we have been testing a new way to get news and information so our readers would have new content each time they would check our web site. It seems that some of our readers that use our Alexa flash briefing app and other sources are beginning to complain about not having the original news and information that we once had, which made this web site stand out from the rest. After careful consideration and reflection, we have decided to discontinue the automatic feeds and go back to our original content like before.  However, we are Click Here to Read more

Help those who need it in Texas

Over the weekend, thousands of people in the great state of Texas have been hit by a Category 4 Hurricane. Even though Harvey may have been downgraded, doesn’t mean that the danger and devastation are over.  This situation may drag out for days, weeks, and even months. We here at CompuScoop would like to ask our readers to donate what ever you can to the American Red Cross so that they can help those who have been affected by this terrible weather event. If you’re reading this from the affected area and need to contact them, you can do so Click Here to Read more

CompuScoop follows events for Total Solar Eclipse of 2017

Like some of our readers, we are gearing up to witness the total Solar Eclipse that’s scheduled to take place on Monday, August 21st, 2017. So much so, that we have created a countdown clock (on the left) for the event. According to NASA, the first site for the Eclipse will be in the United States in the state of Utah and go from there. We have also included a link to the official NASA SOLAR ECLIPSE under the clock.

Now you can get CompuScoop on the Amazon Echo Show

Ever since the Amazon Echo Show was first announced, we have been hard at work with making sure our Amazon Echo skill worked with the device. After weeks of testing, we can finally announce that you can now get this web site on the device.  Just enable the skill at http://alexa.amazon.com, search for “CompuScoop“, enable it, then ask for a Flash Briefing :-).

Looking for help with Swift Programming?

Are you looking for a good resource to get code and help on Apple’s Swift Programming language?  Well, look no further! The writer of this web site have created a new web site called Swift Programming Tips. This site is dedicated to coding help, information, and news relating to the Apple programming language. For more information, click here.

Announcement on This Web Site

If you experience some problems with this web site today, we’re in the process of adding some behind the scene features to make sure that this site is online for years to come. These problems may crop up now and then for the next 48-72 hours. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Q: Why aren’t we covering iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra? A: Read on….

We have had a few questions as to why we are not covering what’s new and upcoming with the recently announced iOS 11 and High Sierra. The short answer is -> WE CAN’T. Unlike other media outlets, the company that owns this web site is an official beta test site for Apple and other companies. For us to cover such information would violate any NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with those companies. We also feel that since the software in question is still in beta, that we would be misleading our readers by reporting on features that may not be there in the Click Here to Read more

New Category: Health

Here at CompuScoop, we’re always expanding into new areas of news to give our readers more of a variety of information. Previously hidden within the Consumer menu option, we have now made the Health category its own menu option.  Putting your mouse over that will open up new subcategories.  Clicking on one of these subcategories will take you to articles based on that subcategory. Please keep watching this area for new topics for your health, fitness, and more.