Unlock your Mac with an Apple Watch

Mac’s security is great, but sometimes it can become a pain re-typing a password each time you want to login. Fortunately, Apple has added a way to unlock any newer Mac with an Apple Watch.  To use it, you have to turn on two-factor Authentication on both the iPhone and Mac. Here’s how to set it up:   On Mac: Go to System Preference > iCloud > Account Details. If prompted, enter your iCloud Password. Click the Security Tab. Click on Set Up Two Factor Authentication. Click on Security & Privacy. The last option should say Unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch. Put a Check Mark next to Click Here to Read more

Disney to end Netflix Partnership and launch rumored Streaming Servicer

Disney [DIS] has announced that it will be ending a long partnership with the Netflix streaming service sometime in 2019 as it plans on forming its own streaming service that will feature such TV networks as its own ESPN as well as some Disney content. As part of its move into streaming, Disney bought another 42 percent of BAMTech, an arm of Major League Baseball Advanced Media that develops and maintains direct-to-consumer streaming technology and related services, for $1.48 billion. Disney previously held a 33 percent stake in the firm after making a $1 billion investment last year. “The media Click Here to Read more

Apple Launches First Instagram Account

“Apple on Monday launched its first Instagram account, exclusively featuring photos and videos shot using the iPhone,” ,” Lisa Marie Segarra reports for TIME Magazine. “The account, which will curate photos tagged with the hashtag “#ShotOniPhone,” is meant to serve as inspiration for mobile photographers.” “The Instagram profile centers around a theme of diversity, showcasing photographers of varying ages, backgrounds, locations and cultures,” Segarra reports. “Apple has launched other Shot on iPhone campaigns, include one highlighting night photography.” Read more in the full article here.

How to Read an article without Banner ads

If you have ever read an article on this or another web site, you know it can be quite annoying to read the article while having banner ads flash on the top or the side. Fortunately, when using Safari, you can quickly strip out banner ads (and almost anything else on the page) stripped out so you can just read the article.  Here’s how: Go to an article that you wish to read. On that page, look at the URL Address Bar at the top of the Safari window (see photo below). Click on the icon shown in the photo. The entire Click Here to Read more

Plex brings Live TV to 4th Generation Apple TV

(AppleInsider.com): Two recent features of Plex’s media streaming app —Live TV and DVR —have emerged from beta, with the former appearing on the Apple TV for the first time. To use Live TV, Apple TV owners must have a Plex Pass subscription and a compatible digital antenna and tuner connected to a Plex Media Server. The feature supports non-encrypted broadcasts in over 70 countries, and includes a program guide with artwork, episode details, and search functions. Apple TV users may need to restart Plex to get Live TV to appear. With the feature emerging out of beta however they will Click Here to Read more

How Apple, Google, and others will eradicate Adobe Flash by 2020

“Last week, Adobe announced it would dig a deep hole for its Flash Player, drop in the plug-in, and cover it with dirt by the end of 2020. So will end a technology that, in many ways, made the Web — even as users, security experts and browser makers took turns whacking it like a piñata at a six-year-old’s birthday party,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld. “‘We will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020,’ Adobe said in a post to its primary blog,” Keizer reports. “The long lead time, the company contended, will give Click Here to Read more