Apple Pledges $1M to Northern California Wildfire Wine Country

“Bay Area technology firms, many of whose workers and leaders can smell smoke in their offices from distant wildfires, are donating money and services to the relief efforts for the many left without shelter by the blazes raging across Northern California,” Kate Galbraith reports for The San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s the latest round of corporate giving in the wake of natural disasters,” Galbraith reports. “Many tech companies also pledged aid in the wake of devastating hurricanes that hit the Gulf and East coasts and Puerto Rico.” Galbraith reports, “Apple said it plans a $1 million donation to fire-relief efforts and Click Here to Read more

Equifax Hacked yet again – Distributes Fake Adobe Flash Plugin

“We were already positively dumbfounded when Equifax reported that a security breach resulted in the personal information of over 140 million Americans — including social security numbers – has been stolen via a website security vulnerability,” Brandon Hill reports for HotHardware. “What was even more unfathomable is that the attack went undetected for months, and that it took a few more months for Equifax to disclose the magnitude of the breach.” “Now we’re learning that Equifax has done it again. Just when we thought we couldn’t think any less of the company, Randy Abrams, an independent security analyst, discovered that Click Here to Read more

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

“Once upon a time, Google Maps was the go-to maps provider for Apple’s iOS. That was until iOS 6 in 2012, when it was announced that Apple was creating its own rival service – and Apple Maps is now the default option on iPhones and iPads,” Lewis Painter reports for Macworld UK. “In this article we compare the state of these two services, five years on.” “The days of major gaffes are long behind Apple Maps, and in most respects you will find it as or close to as accurate as Google Map,” Painter reports. “But while road maps seem Click Here to Read more

Apple facing production delays as it gets closer to the release of the iPhone X

“‘For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.’ These words by Shakespeare could well be applied to Apple Inc.’s iPhone X,” Debby Wu reports for Nikkei Asian Review. “A tech executive familiar with iPhone X production told Nikkei Asian Review on Thursday that manufacturers are still struggling to perfect 3-D sensors and in particular dot projectors in Apple premium handset’s TrueDepth camera system, though the person could not pinpoint exactly the problem.” “The dot projector makes up part of the transmitting module, dubbed ‘Romeo,’ of iPhone X’s new facial recognition function that allows Click Here to Read more

[Correction]: Siri has a long way to go before catching up to Google Assistant

“Google might have a long way to go before it starts selling iPhone-like numbers of Pixel phones, but there is one important area where it’s firmly in the lead, and it has nothing to do with bezels or beats,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “It’s about intelligence.” “At its recent iPhone X event, Tim Cook pulled out Steve Jobs’s old Wayne Gretzky quote about skating to where the puck is going, but there’s only one company that’s thinking forward right now and it’s not Apple—it’s Google,” Simon writes. “New hardware might have been the reason for the event, but machine Click Here to Read more

Possible interruption in service due to Hurricane Nate

As most people in the South of the U.S. know, they have been dealing with a topical storm named Nate.  While not a major Hurricane, it is still causing havoc where ever it goes. The latest track takes the tropical depression takes Nate right over our main operation. Because of this, their maybe times when we may loose our Internet connection to this site. We will resume normal operations as soon as the storm passes. Thanks for your understanding during this time.

Beware of this Scam involving NEW Roku Users

(CordCutterNews): This week Roku is officially launching a new line of Roku players. This means thousands of new Roku owners will be setting up their new Roku and many will likely find themselves facing a popular scam targeting Roku owners. For some time now Cord Cutters News has been getting complaints that Roku owners are being charged to activate Roku devices that they just purchased. These complaints have recently been growing with buyers saying they have been charged $25 to $50 to set up their Rokus. This is a scam! Cord Cutters News has confirmed with Roku that setting up your Click Here to Read more

iOS 11: What ever you do, don’t trust turning off WiFi and Bluetooth via Command Center

Last week it was discovered that using the new Command Center in iOS 11 to turn off Bluetooth and WiFi doesn’t really give the desired result.  While it does disconnect from these services, it does not actually turn the features off, and could cause problems along the way. Here’s how to really shut them off: Bluetooth: Select Settings. Select the Bluetooth option. On the right side, slide the button (where it says Bluetooth) to OFF. That’s it. WiFi: Go into Settings. Select the WiFi option. On the right side, slide the button (where it says WiFi) to OFF. That’s it. After doing the above, both options should now Click Here to Read more

Apple vs. Google in the Smartphone A.I.

“Google has been regarded as the leading force for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology thanks to its AlphaGo AI computer program,” Ashley Huang and Luke Lin report for Digitimes. “While Google still holds the advantage in the cloud-AI sector, Apple appears to have outraced Google in the development of on-device AI products with the launch of its iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices.” “The built-in dual-core neural engine chip incorporated within the A11 processors, which power the iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices, integrates functionality such as machine learning, inference model and related algorithm to perform as an Click Here to Read more

Our sincere apologies to our readers

Over the past few months, we have been testing a new way to get news and information so our readers would have new content each time they would check our web site. It seems that some of our readers that use our Alexa flash briefing app and other sources are beginning to complain about not having the original news and information that we once had, which made this web site stand out from the rest. After careful consideration and reflection, we have decided to discontinue the automatic feeds and go back to our original content like before.  However, we are Click Here to Read more