Discovery Communications will buy Scripps for $12 Billion offer

(ABC News) Discovery Communications (owners of such TV Networks such as Animal Planet and Investigation Discovery) will buy Scripps Networks (owners of HGTV and others) for close to $12 billion, tying together two powerful stables of TV shows ranging from Animal Planet to the Food Network. The deal, announced Monday, puts the combined company in a strong position to draw more women viewers. Other channels include Discovery’s TLC and the Discovery Channel. Scripps owns HGTV and the Travel Channel, among others. The combined company will house five of the top pay TV networks for women and account for more than 20 percent share Click Here to Read more

Apple’s Trademark Tricks to Hide the Real Name of the next iPhone

“One of Apple’s most fiercely guarded secrets? The name of the next iPhone,” Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg. “It may be called the iPhone X to celebrate the iconic product’s tenth anniversary or just iPhone 8. But Tim Cook doesn’t want us to know for sure until he utters the name on stage.” “In recent years, Apple-obsessed sleuths have managed to ferret out the names and details of the company’s products by searching trademark offices around the world,” Gurman reports. “But their challenge has become exponentially harder thanks to a well-timed rule change at Jamaica’s trademark office and some clever Click Here to Read more

Apple’s iPhone 1 selling up to $4,000.00 on eBay

“Ten years ago, people were lining up to buy the very first generation of Apple’s new product, the iPhone,” Buster Coen reports for TheStreet. “Initially priced at $599 for an 8GB model, the device was more expensive than most other phones on the market, but the novel touchscreen, capacity for music and inclusion of the Safari web browser made the hefty fee worth it for many.” Read more in the full article here.

Amazon adds intercom feature to its Echo product

If you were looking for an excuse to get another Amazon Echo, the company has added a feature to push you over the edge – an internal intercom feature. Now when someone has multiple echos in one home, they can use them as an internal intercom.  Set-up and activating it is a snap.  Here’s how: Let’s say you have one Echo in your family room, and one in the bedroom.  You want to call from the bedroom.  You’d just say: “Alexa, call bedroom.” In order for the other person to answer, they would say: “Alexa, answer.” Each echo unit would Click Here to Read more

Looking for help with Swift Programming?

Are you looking for a good resource to get code and help on Apple’s Swift Programming language?  Well, look no further! The writer of this web site have created a new web site called Swift Programming Tips. This site is dedicated to coding help, information, and news relating to the Apple programming language. For more information, click here.

Star Trek: Discovery to be released on Netflix in the United Kingdom on Sept. 25th

Netflix in the United Kingdom has announced that it will start making the new series Star Trek: Discovery available on its online service in the country starting September 25th. Each episode will become available on Monday each week during the season, and will continue to do the same during new seasons afterwards.

Star Trek: Discovery finally gets a premier date!

The wait for the next Star Trek show is almost over. CBS has officially announced a premier date for the pilot episode.  The date will be:  Sunday, September 24th at 8:30 p.m. on CBS The show will then be immediately available on CBS All Access afterwards.  The pilot episode will air on CBS, with other new shows airing on their streaming service – CBS ALL ACCESS and is scheduled for 15-Episodes during its first season. The long awaited show has been delayed more then once with some rumors having it cancelled altogether.  With the above announcement, these rumors are now Click Here to Read more

Will Apple’s upcoming HomePod have major advantages over other A.I. Rivals?

“Amazon has seen huge success with its Alexa-powered Echo but this clever device is getting some serious competition,” David Snelling reports for The Sunday Express. “Google recently announced the launch of its Home speaker, which is now available to buy in the UK, and Apple has just confirmed it’s joining the connected speaker party with a new gadget called the HomePod.” “Although the HomePod won’t officially be launched until December, has been one of the first to hear what it actually sounds like and our first impressions are good,” Snelling reports. “We listened to four identical tracks on both Click Here to Read more

Get the MacOS High Sierra Wallpaper NOW

During the WWDC Keynote of MacOS High Sierra, the desktop had a beautiful picture of a place called North Lake, just west of Bishop, California which is also a popular picture scene for professional and amateur photographers.  Now you can get the above photo without having to wait for the release of High Sierra this Fall. There are two locations where you can get the photo. Here’s how: Click here to go to a web site where the photo is located.   Click on the photo to make it the size of the screen. Right-click (CTRL-Click) on the photo. A drop-down menu Click Here to Read more

How to clear the screen when using Terminal for Mac or Linux

Sometimes, your screen can get cluttered when you’re working in the Terminal for Linux or Mac.  Fortunately, there is a very simple command to clear the screen. When you’re at the Terminal prompt, just type the command clear.  That’ll clear the screen and give you a clean slate.